Squared Whiteboard, Ruler and Protractor

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Whiteboard – squared on one side, blank on the other – with ruler and protractor for teaching mathematical drawing.


Ruler, Protractor, Blank Whiteboard, Squared Whiteboard, Whiteboard Pen

A squared whiteboard – which is a blank whiteboard on the other side – a whiteboard pen (colour cannot be guaranteed) perfect for graphs, a ruler and a protractor. Gives a fun introduction to geometric drawings.

Drawing and writing are often more appealing to children on a whiteboard than on paper. The grid squares are brilliant for guidance when drawing shapes, or making bar charts.

A ruler and a protractor are essentials for covering Maths in the National Curriculum for Primary School.

In the Frogotter Box, this kit is used for drawing bar charts, and introducing pie charts and using a ruler and a protractor. You can see these activities on our Youtube channel.

Below is a video of us beginning to use a ruler – we start with introducing the concepts of parallel and perpendicular lines. Creating a bit of art using straight lines as a base – making mathematical drawing inviting and creative.



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