Wooden Calendar

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Wooden Calendar to show, date, day, month, season, weather, time of day; with a clock face marked with minutes and hours.


A wooden calendar. There is are three wooden moveable, which slide to indicte the day, month and day of the week. There is another which slides to indicate ‘Morning’, ‘Afternoon’ or ‘Evening’. There’s a spinning plastic arrow for indicating the weather, and another spinning arrow to indicate the season. In the centre of the calendar is a model clock, with two plastic hands – a longer red hand and a shorter blue hand – both hours and minutes are marked on the clock. The box also contains two wooden props, which can be used to stand the calendar up on a flat surface.

It’s the perfect device for investigating seasons, dates and time with your child. Keeping it visible and adjusting it each day would be a great way to learn about the rhythm of the year, sparking many conversations about the clothes we wear and the differences we can observe in the world around us, as the seasons change.

Get it out when you’re reading together, and you can use it to look at the times of day and year when the story is set. You can also use it to help yoru child ‘see’ how long it is until significant events will happen (like birthdays, or holidays) in their lives.

You can see us using it to talk about how night and day happen, in the video below:

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