Geometric Shapes

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A set of sixteen geometric shapes for teaching children the names of 3d shapes and perfect for sorting activities.


A set of sixteen geometric shapes, perfect for sorting activities. The set includes four triangular prisms, four cubes, four cones and four cylinders. All the shapes are in four different sizes and four different colours – which is brilliant for sorting activities.

They are lovely, solid plastic shapes, very pleasant to hold. They are quite small, though, so definitely not suitable for any child who might accidentally swallow one.

In the Frogotter Box, we use them for various games to help identify and name the common 3d shapes, as well as the 2d shapes on their faces. One of the extension activities in the Frogotter Activity Book is using the shapes as paint stampers to make art from their faces. We also measure their sides, and sort them by various criteria. You can see us going through these activities on our Youtube Channel. One of my favourites is shown below:


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