Recording Activities

Why Record Activities?

There are loads of reasons for recording the activities you and your child complete with the Frogotter Box. It’s an easy way of sharing with other educators (the other parent / a tutor / a class teacher – for example) what topics you’ve been covering. Keeping track of where you are helps so that you don’t skip activities or re-do activities too often. It’s especially helpful if you’re using the box with more than one child.

How to Use the Record Sheets

Fortunately, the Frogotter Box arrives with a set of Record Sheets, making it really easy to keep track of what you’ve been doing. They’re very easy to use. When you do an activity, find the correct line on your Record Sheet, fill in the date, tick one of the three boxes (‘Hard’, ‘Easy’, or ‘Fun’). Then fill in which step of the activity you stopped at.

What are the three boxes for? Some activities may be particularly hard for your child. When you repeat these, you should probably start at the first step again, to give your child the best chance of grasping the activity. Some activities will be easy for your child. When you repeat these, you may want to start at step 2, or even at the step you left off at last time. Finally, some activities will be particularly fun for your child. It’s worth having a note of these so that you can use them to restore confidence after a hard activity. Or to encourage your child to engage on a day that they’re not so enthusiastic about learning.

Why is there a column for where you stopped? Because, most of the time, you won’t complete the activity at one sitting. The activities are intended to be repeated – because that’s a great way to learn. Many of them have multiple steps, increasing in complexity and challenge. As your child repeats the activities, they will be able to get further through the steps. When they’ve made it all the way through, write ‘End’ in this column. If you’re child has completed the entire activity, and found it all easy, you may wish to move on from that activity altogether (unless it’s particularly fun for your child). The Record Sheets in the book give space to complete six records for each activity, but, you can certainly do them more frequently if you need / want to.

If you need spare sheets for any reason, you can download them by clicking on the link below.