Number Grid Pictures

An extra activity that can be done with the box – not included in the Activity Book – is making number grid pictures. Take a list of sums and colours. Solve the sums, lay the correct colour counters on the squares of the number grid and make a picture.

It’s a fun way to reinforce times tables, basic arithmetic, and number bonds. If your child enjoys doing these, maybe they could try creating their own pictures for you to solve.

Here’s a few of ours to get you started. We’ll keep adding to this page as we create more number grid pictures of our own.

Here are the latest pictures:

If you have your own numbergrid, you can download the sums to make the pictures here:

If you don’t have a numbergrid, download these sums, which have a printed numbergrid on the bottom for you to colour in:

You can use the counters and the grid in your box to create these pictures:

Solve the sums to place the counters, and see what you find!

Instructions for the Remembrance Picture

If you don’t have a Frogotter Box yet, you can still join in with the fun by downloading the numbergrids below and colouring in the squares with pencils to create the pictures.

This is what the Remembrance Picture should look like!