Early Adopters’ Voucher Scheme

We are very grateful to all the bold, forward-thinking people who are the first to purchase a Frogotter Box.

As you probably know, it can be tricky to get a new product seen by potential customers. So, we would like to propose a voucher scheme to thank you and help us advertise.

The first people who buy a Frogotter Box will be sent a unique voucher code with their box. If anyone purchases another box, using that voucher code, they will get £10 off the purchase price; and we will send a £10 bounty payment to the owner of the voucher code.

Feel free to share your code online, on paper, and in person with anyone you like.

Bounty payments will be sent to the Paypal account that purchased the original box, about thirty days after the purchase goes through. If boxes are returned for a refund, then no bounty will be paid for those boxes.

The correct code must be typed into the form when the box purchase is made, please ask your friends to be careful to type it in correctly. If they get a digit wrong, the code won’t be accepted and there won’t be a discount.