Do you need to teach a primary age child?

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The Frogotter Primary Box is designed to allow any adult to deliver the academic component of the national curriculum key stages 1 & 2 with very little preparation. The box contains all of the material required and step by step instructions. We have also prepared videos to help. The philosophy of the approach is relax, relate, repeat.

Why the Frogotter box?

Children learn best through play, hands on & step by step, through a relationship with a committed adult – not with screens and not with workbooks. That adult can be you. The things you need are in the box.

What’s in the box?

Carefully chosen educational manipulatives and a instruction book with over 150 fun activities. They are picked to be interesting enough to play with over and over in lots of different ways to practice and build skills. The list includes: weighing scales, foam letters, geometric shapes, wooden animals, an inflatable globe, a map, a time-line, a number grid, anatomical drawings, counters, a foam die, white boards and pens, a ruler, a protractor, an electronics kit, a wooden calender, a dictionary, a mini-xylophone and some magnets. The full contents are listed in our online shop. If you’re an education professional, you might like to look at our curriculum coverage matrix to find out the details of what is covered and the approach we’ve taken. Perhaps you could enagage with us through twitter or email – we’d love to hear constructive feedback.

Who is it for?

The kit is designed to be used by primary level children of any age or ability. The activities build in complexity; less confident children can do the first few steps of an activity, more confident children might be able to complete activities on their first go. All of the activities are designed to be repeated – consolidating skills and giving children as much time as they need to develop competence. The book includes tracking sheets to help adults to find their children’s level and progress at the right speed, wherever they are. It really is all in the box*.

It’s the perfect Home Education Starter Kit. Or, it’s a great way to reinforce school-learning at home.

How do I get one?

Go to the shop! All of the parts have arrived. The day has come. You can go to the online shop to purchase a box now. We hope to get your box to you within 3 days via DHL.

*Okay, to be clear, just for ease of shipping, you need to get AA batteries for the electronics kit used in 2 of the 155 activities.