Number Grid

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Number Grid tea towel and 100 square counters in four colours.


A tea towel printed with a 1-100 Number Grid and a packet of 100 square counters. Like all the tea towels in the kit, the tea towel is 100% cotton, 77cm by 51 cm. A good size for playing games and washable.

The counters are smaller than the number squares, so they fit comfortably inside. The counters are in four colours: red, green, yellow and blue. They are transparent, so you can easily read the numbers on the grid through the counters. You can also lay the counters over one another to mix the colours.

Because the counters are square shaped, you can use them to make tessellating patterns. You can also use the set to make pictures on the Number Grid. Have a look here to see a set of fun puzzles, where you solve sums to create different pictures on the grid.

The counters are also easy to stack – which helps with multiplication. Together with the Number Grid, the counters are a great way to make maths lessons hands-on, so numeracy can be taught in a fun and tactile manner.

I have also put together a mini activity book, based on extracts from the Frogotter Activity Book, with a set of activities that you can do with just the number grid and counters. I will include a copy with any purchase of the number grid, or you can download a pdf here:

Numbergrid Booklet

In the Frogotter Box, the counters and Number Grid are used for a range of games including showing times tables and practising addition and subtraction. You can see a video of the Number Grid in action below.




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