Frog Balance

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Frog Balance – set of scales with weighted numbers and plastic frogs.


A plastic set of balance scales with ten weighted plastic numbers and nineteen plastic frogs.

I think that scales are a key object for educating primary aged children – they are one of my favourite educational resources. They are a really helpful tool for learning about the concept of number. They also provide the perfect foundation for understanding the concept of equations.

The weighted numbers are fantastic! They allow your child to really see two and three adding up to five! It’s brilliant fun. The plastic frogs each weigh as much as the number one – so you can also balance five frogs against the plastic number five (and so on).

The balance comes with a set of simple puzzle cards so you can practise some missing number problems with your child.

I have also put together a mini activity book containing extracts from the Frogotter Activity Book which you can do with just the scales. I’ll include a paper copy with any purchase of the scales, or you can download a pdf here:

Scales Booklet

We have lots of fun games with the Frog Balance in the Frogotter Box.  Here are a couple of them:


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