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Get a free digital download of an activity book covering the full primary curriculum

If you would like to have a look inside the Frogotter Activity Book, you can download a free pdf below.

It’s packed full of activities, which cover the full Primary National Curriculum.

Of course, most of the activities involve items from the Frogotter Box, but you may well be able to adapt them to use items that you already have at home. If you need to, you can get individual items from our shop.

All the activities are designed to be used by a carer working alongside the child. There are a few thoughts here, which might explain why we reccomend doing the activities with your child.

And they are all designed to be repeatable as many times as you need, or want to play them. We have had loads of fun playing these activities either one-to-one, or with several children at once.

Our style of education is all about enjoying time together, playing and taking turns. Though we do believe that the Frogotter Box is a great resource, the most important resource a child can have is an involved and interested adult to play with.

I really hope that you’ll enjoy reading, and have fun trying out these activities with your child.

In case you’re wondering why I use the National Curriculum as a framework for my home education, I wrote a short piece about exactly that! Read it here.

Activity Book

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